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The Perry Elementary Honor Choir is made up of students from 3rd-6th grade who have a love for singing and spending time with other students who love to sing as well.  This year we will be dividing the group rehearsals into two separate rehearsals to cut down on the number of choralists practicing at a time. This will help with social distancing and keeping our students in the best environment to stay healthy.  Your child will be able to attend on either Mondays from 3:20 until 4:15 or Tuesdays from 3:20 until 4:15.  
The students will perform at various venues throughout the year according to the local and state safety guidelines. 
We are are team and we stress that as a team we support one another and work to build each other up as opposed to tearing one another down. We strive to be the best we can be because we are the Music Makers and we are the Dreamers of Dreams.